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Canva Affiliate Program: The Ultimate Review

As we all know, Canva is a popular fremium graphics and video designing tool. 

However,  in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Canva affiliate program. 

With this review, you’d be able to learn how the Canva affiliate program works, how you can make money from it, how to get started with the affiliate program and so on. 

So if you have an audience full of non-designers but interested in the designing industry, then you need to read this informative affiliate program review about Canva. 

Overview of Canva

Canva was established to solve designing problems for Non-designers. 

I can confidently say, Canva has been one of the best tools I have come across in my content creation journey.

So, as many other people, even designers now use canva for mockup designs and templates. 

Canva currently has over 18 million users around the world. Hence, it is fanned by a lot of digital creators and prospective graphics designers. 

The web app provides users with presentations, templates, posters, thumbnails, and even logos. These are the main materials that would be needed for simple visual representation.

Again, it has its free version and pro version. The free version is limited, even though the materials on it are beyond a newbie’s perception.

Let’s settle in the affiliate program now.

What is Canva Affiliate Program?

Everything you need to know about canvas affiliate program.

Does Canva have an affiliate program?

Canva has an affiliate program for its pro version. Trust me, anyone can join the affiliate program once you can tender the right information when signing up.  

The affiliate program is actually a cost per lead affiliate program. So, you only earn your commission anytime you refer new people to Canva pro.   

With that, Even if you are a canva pro user, you can recover your payment back from the affiliate program. 

Just so you know again, if you are a blogger, email marketer, or social media influencer, here is an excellent opportunity to make money from Canva. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Canva Affiliate Program?

In the free version of Canva, a lot of high quality, multi characterised graphics and videos templates are unavailable. 

The canva affiliate program allows you to refer leads to their pro version.

What you are promoting on canva is simply Canva pro.

Most people later choose to pay for the pro version of Canva when the template needed is not available in the free version.

How to Sign Up For Canva Affiliate Program

How to join canvas affiliate program

Impact radius is the host of the Canva affiliate program. Hence, after signing up, you’d be provided with promotional materials and tracking dashboard on Impact radius.

Anyways, you can sign up from the affiliate page on the Canva website. 

Click on join now on the page. Then, complete the form with the basic information such as your name, email address, company details.

Check and tick the terms and conditions box if you agree to the affiliate program. 

It will be reviewed within 2 to 3 days and you will be emailed about the progress of your application.  

Before you try signing up, make sure you have a very strong website profile, traffic and good contents because Canva is very strict with accepting applications into their affiliate program. 

If you were approved, you can start using your affiliate link to refer your audience to canva pro. 

So, what’s the cookie duration?

Canva Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for canva affiliate program is 30 days.

That is… If a referral should click your affiliate link, they must pay for the pro version of Canva within 30 days for you to earn your commision. 

Perhaps, your referral later paid after the 30 days cookie duration, the payment would not be attributed to you. Hence no commission will be earned. 

Nevertheless, 30 days is the standard cookie duration for most affiliate programs. 

In fact some cost per lead programs do not extend their affiliate programs up to those number of days even though they might have better commission. 

I’m talking about the likes of Essurance affiliate program, Square affiliate program and Keap affiliate program that pays $25 per lead.

Commission Rate of the Canva Affiliate Program

As an affiliate, you earn up to $36 for every sign-up for the Pro subscription. 

For the Canva Pro, there are different subscription plans – monthly and annual. 

The commission rate for the monthly subscription to Canva Pro is 100%. Hence, accounting for all the $12.95.

However, the commission rate for the annual subscription to Canva Pro is 15%. This will somehow sum up to $35. 

How Does Canva Affiliate Program Work 


You sign up via their affiliate page while Impact Radius manages all your affiliate analytics. 

After that, you can add your affiliate link to your blog post or YouTube channel. 

If a referral clicks your link and pays for the monthly subscription on Canva Pro within 30 days, you will earn a flat commission of 100%. 

Similarly, If a referral clicks your link and pays for the annual subscription on Canva Pro within 30 days, you will earn a flat commission of 25%. 

Also, there are several payment options to choose from, including bank transfer and PayPal. 

You don’t need to reach a certain threshold before payment will be made to you. 

However, all pending commission will be locked on the 17th of each month and then payment will be made 15 days later. 

Any commission you earned after the 17th of a certain month will be automatically locked on the 17th of the following month. 

You understand how the affiliate program works buy is it worth it? 

Definitely, Canva affiliate program is worth more effort. It is designed to help affiliate make maximum conversions and profit within a limited time frame.

How To Make Money From Canva Affiliate Program 

There are several ways to promote and make money from the Canva affiliate program. But getting your own website or blog ready, is a prerequisite to the success of these affiliate programs.

Nevertheless, here are tested and trusted ways to promote, make money and increase conversion from Canva affiliate program:

  • Create a blog focusing on helping designers and non-designers solve designing issues easily.
  • Video tutorials about designing on YouTube are another way to make money from the affiliate program.
  • Facebook posts, pages and even reels can help gain traction and build an audience for designers and non-designers. Then you promote canva product to them. 
  • Send valuable contents via emails to your email list and attach your canva affiliate program. 

Pros And Cons of the Canva Affiliate Program


  • Good cookie duration: The 30 days cookie duration is the stand cookie duration for most affiliate programs and it would play a high role in high conversion. 
  • It is Canva: Canva is a web application with millions of users every month and also a prestigious place to simplify visual representation.


  • Strict policies: Except you have everything in place already you are likely to get rejected by canva in your first application. It is really hard to break the sign up policies of the affiliate program.

Alternatives Of Canva Affiliate Program

Other affiliate program you can try like Canva affiliate program are:

  • Adobe Spark affiliate program
  • Cello affiliate program
  • TemplateMonster affiliate program – The review
  • Envato affiliate program – The review
  • Sellfy affiliate program. 

Wrapping Up

For design, printing and digital marketing bloggers, Canva affiliate program is another way to monetise your blog. 

If you think your would prefer an alternative affiliate program, you can check my review of the latest affiliate program with high commission rate to try to 2022 and 2023

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