Bristol CT Police Shooting Suspect, Suspect In Bristol Police Shooting Identified By State Police

Bristol CT Police Shooting Suspect – The man who they claim attracted authorities to the scene was identified by state police. Nicholas Brutcher was an avid hunter who frequently posted pictures of himself with guns, according to his social media. According to sources who spoke to Eyewitness News, Brutcher was waiting for the cops in disguise. Here is Nicholas Brutcher’s Facebook profile, a 35-year-old Bristol police officer who is accused of shooting two of his colleagues to death and injuring another.

He can be seen grinning for the camera while clutching a long weapon in one picture. In another, he is shown clutching a dead deer. Another shows him clutching firearms among friends. Court records show Brutcher got a divorce in 2019. He also had his wages garnished this past year after two separate credit agencies said he owed them more than $8,000.

Police had been first called to Brutchers’ home on reports of a fight between him and his brother, 32-year-old Nate Brutcher. Nate Brutcher was shot and is in the hospital. Police said Brutcher’s home on Redstone Hill Road was known to police. We have asked the police for any recent calls for service to the home, they said they are working on it.

There’s a gas station up the road from the home. Attendants said they didn’t want to talk about the suspects but said the police officers that were killed came in there often. They say the community has lost some good men.

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