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Best Free Affiliate Marketing Books (Totally Free PDF Download)

Are you looking for the best free affiliate marketing books?  Here is a list of 10 best affiliate marketing books to download for free. 

In one of our recent blog posts, we reviewed a premium course about affiliate marketing, Commission Hero.

To balance the scale, we have listed FREE resources, books, specifically for affiliate marketing on this page. 

Free resources for affiliate marketing are not popular these days. Won’t you check this?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the business model where you will be able to promote third-party products and earn commission on each sale. 

It is one of the most lucrative businesses by which you can earn passive income online…

Especially if you have a blog, Youtube channel,  branded social media page, Youtube channel or built your audience. 

20 Free Affiliate Marketing Books

1. Affiliate marketing 101 

For every beginner, this is one of the free ebooks you can download online. 

It teaches all the beginners stuff about affiliate marketing. Though, it does not go in depth into how marketing and sales work in affiliate marketing. 

On a scale, it is still better than most ebooks that are specifically created for beginners looking to go into affiliate marketing.    

So, download Affiliate Marketing 101 free pdf online. 

2. Sell like Crazy

Since affiliate marketing 101 does not go in-depth into marketing, we should pick a sales and marketing ebook first. 

Sell Like Crazy was written by Subry Suby. He was one of my main inspirations for running Ads, optimisation of landing pages, building a working sales funnel etc. 

The book covered everything you need to know about Google ads, Facebook ads, creating a landing page, a lead generation page and a sales funnel that would turn your prospects from “Zero-knowledge” to “buyers.”

Download Sell like crazy free pdf online. 

3. The Secrets Trilogy

Russell Brunson is one of the leading digital marketing inspirations. Man created one of the best affiliate networks out there, Click funnel. 

Secret Trilogy is a combination of 3 of Russell’s marketing books. 

Hence in the book, you can access Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets.

I read this book toward the end of last year and it helped me drive traffic to my marketing blog.   

Download The Secret Trilogy free pdf online.

4. $100M Offers

Don’t you want $100M too? You know spending $100M to get this book won’t be a waste of money😉

It’s packed with values on how you can make compelling offers to your prospects.

I mean offers that can not be resisted by your prospects. 

So, after reading about affiliate marketing, how to drive traffic, and then the strategy of selling, you should also read about how to create irresistible offers.  

Download $100M Offers free pdf online.

5. Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the most reliable sources of driving traffic to an affiliate website, landing page and offer. 

Fortunately, what you’d find in this book is exactly what the title is promising. 

Facebook advertising keeps getting harder for beginners and newbie entrepreneurs every year. The algorithm is mostly working for bigger brands. 

So, this book gets updated often to settle the drift between Media buyers and Facebook Ads. 

If you are thinking of going for a Commission per Acquisition(CPA) offer, then Facebook advertising might be the medium to rely on. 

Download Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising free pdf online.

6. Copywriting Secrets

Even though the hype for the Video campaign might be high, copywriting is still the bedrock. 

Copywriting is selling through written words. Those converting video ads we come across today are products of very persuasive scripts.

Copywriting secret is one book that would bring value to copywriters, affiliate marketers, advertisers, business owners, and sales professionals at the same time.

It would open you to the surface of Email marketing, Sales copy, Landing page copy, Website copy, About page copy, and the main offers for your affiliate products. 

Download Copywriting Secret free pdf online.

7. How to Be Internet Famous

Do you even know what it means to be internet famous? Yes, you’d be an influencer. Able to dictate people’s decisions and your idea would always be put ahead. 

However, it takes only the able mind the ability to be famous on the internet. Especially if you are targeting a niche audience. 

How to be Internet Famous is a book that would help you become someone to reckon with online. 

…Someone that can gather a massive audience online. Someone with reputable social media visibility. 

What else can I use to describe an internet famous person?  

TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Youtube, Personal Blogs etc… This book can make you go viral on any platform. 

From there you can make offers to your followers and audience for them to purchase your affiliate products. 

And if you are looking to become a Brand Ambassador, you need to read this book spot on because the values are unending. 

Download How to be Internet Famous free pdf online.

8. Affiliate Marketing Secrets

No one is an island of knowledge. You can’t know everything about a particular subject if you are not the original subject

Up to this point, I know there are still hidden facts and secrets I still don’t know about affiliate marketing. 

This book would open you up to many of those things. Though it would start from the basics of Affiliate marketing. 

Download Affiliate Marketing Secrets Advertising free pdf online.

9. Affiliate Marketing For Dummies 

Affiliate marketing for Dummies is a book toned down to the lowest level of an ignorant mind. 

This is a book that moved some of us from zero to hero in affiliate marketing, media buying, running paid ads that will convert and making money from affiliate marketing. 

Funny enough, there are also other digital skills and online business books for Dummies. For instance, one of the few books I read back then when I started blogging was Blogging for Dummies

Download Affiliate Marketing for Dummies free pdf online

10.   Affiliate Marketing Mastermind 

This book is made for those that already understand the concept of affiliate marketing. 

Though, it would have to cover the basic principles of affiliate marketing. Most parts of the book are conveying selling mechanisms for affiliate products. 

Download Affiliate Marketing Mastermind free pdf online

FREE Affiliate Marketing Video and FB Ads Course 

In this Free Course, we will explain everything you need to know about running Facebook ads on your Affiliate offers, website or landing pages. 

Sincerely, this might be the only free resources you’d be able to access for Running profitable FB ads that will convert. 

You can download each of the videos one by one: 


Here in this section, we discuss how Facebook Business Manager works, the Facebook Ads algorithms, Facebook ads targeting etc.


This is where you’ll learn how to create your business Manager account, and connect with the Facebook page.


How to set Business manager, privacy settings etc.


We will discuss the overview of Facebook Ad manager and how it is different from a Business Manager.


Here is where we will explain everything we will be trying out our ads, running the ads, the goals of the ads etc


This is where we will discuss the types of ads set and their uses. Which Ad set is best for your business or campaign? Who is your target audience? Etc.


Here we will focus on the demographics of your target audience. How to write your copies? Headlines and Hook for your FB ads etc.


This is where we will preview and review our Facebook ads. How payments work etc. After which you can add your payment method and start running your Ads.

Thoughts on These Books!  

Have you read any of them? 

Which would be going on for? 

Or are there more free books you’d like me to add to the list? 

Let us know. 

Anyways, please share this page with friends. This affiliate marketing books covers virtually everything you need to know about selling online. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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