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Best Buy Affiliate Program: Is It Worth It?

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Best Buy affiliate programs.

Also, if you are looking for any other affiliate program with high commission in the Electronics products category, this article has a list of them. 

First of all, let’s do justice to Best Buy affiliate marketing program review. We have a lot to learn…

Overview of Best Buy

When it comes to home appliances and electronics, Best Buy is a company to look out for. 

The company is a retailer of electronics such as laptops, cables and phones. 

And just like general e-commerce stores, such as Amazon, they can deliver products virtually everywhere. 

Overall, Best buy is a cool place to target high quality electronics products. 

But that’s not all!

Best buy definitely has an affiliate program but you know what!

I think you should read about it first before we choose sides about the deferred argument whether it’s worth it or not. 

Even with that, we will still touch the best ways to promote the affiliate program. I wish you’d read on.

What is Best Buy Affiliate Program?

In the Best Buy affiliate program, you are left to promote electronics, get sales for Best Buy and earn your commission.

Well, it’s another American retail company you can trust to deliver high quality products to your audience. 

At least we know of Amazon, Walmart, Target and even Khols already. 

The affiliate program is actually self hosted which is a trend common amongst a few affiliate programs of top brands. 

However, the affiliate program has a disappointing cookie duration and commission rate. 

Wait? Before you conclude about it’s earning potential. 

Target and Khols affiliate program have poor cookie durations and commission rate too but they are still trusted. 

So, better than exiting now, continue reading to see what the affiliate program still has for you.     

What are the Products You can Promote in the Best Buy Affiliate Program?

Best Buy has a lot of products in stock but you can not earn commission on all of the products.

Popular product such as laptops, video game hardware, tablets, toys, furniture, desktop computers and apple products will earn you 0% commission commission. 

How can apple products or computers be left out? Those are the high ticket gadgets anyone will want to buy. 

In fact, you would only earn a reasonable commission on mobile phones. 

Other products you can promote and earn commission in the affiliate products include:

  • TV
  • Mobile phone
  • Drone
  • Fitness accessories excepts Fitbit products and wearable devices (You can join Fitbit affiliate program to promote fit it products).
  • Geek squad services 
  • Luggage and travel site and any other products that are ineligible for commission. 

I wonder why there are no commissions for those significant electronics products when Amazon and Overstock have commission rates for them.  

Let’s say the fact that most of their products are somehow discounted is something we should be proud of. 

So even those that are eligible for commission can earn you returns faster. 

How to Sign Up For Best Buy Affiliate Program

Getting rossy already!: Let’s introduce how to join the affiliate program.

To sign up, go to the affiliate page on their website. 

Fill in the form and sign up. Within 24 to 48 hours, you’d be notified about the progress of your application.  

Best Buy Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for Best Buy affiliate program is 24 hours. 

Of course, it’s ridiculous but it is still better than the absurd session based cookie duration offered by the Costco affiliate program

Even Amazon offers 24 hours as its cookie duration. 

Maybe there is not a lot to say about it but it does not cancel out the fact that it is poor.

24 hours is too short to make optimum conversion from an affiliate program. 

Commission Rate of the Best Buy Affiliate Program

The commission rate varies depending on the kind of products. 

Since, You already know some products will not earn you any commission, I will not emphasize that again. 

Well, the range of the commission rate is about 1%-5% depending on the products. 

With Phones and mobile plans having 5% commission per sale while every other products have 1% commission. 

In Overstock affiliate program, 6% is the commission rate for Electronics and Amazon offers 3% commission on all Electronics products.

Hence, the commission rate of the affiliate program is poor too. 

Is Best Buy Affiliate Program It? 

I’ve always said the cookie duration and commission rate are not the only things to check out for in an affiliate program.

The commission rate is poor except for mobile devices.

So, if you have a mobile device review blog, it’s worth trying. 

For other products, I would rather pick other affiliate programs above Best Buy. 

In fact, if you have a general tech and gadget audience where you will need to promote Game sets and Laptops, I will not advise you to try it because it’s not worth it. 

Even you might just waste your effort since promoting most of their products would not earn you any commission. 

Similarly, the cookie duration is too short. Hence, the conversion rate will be equally very low. 

If you are signing up to the Best buy affiliate program, you need to prepare yourself for low conversion rate and low earnings.

So, there is probably nothing big to take from the program. 

How bad!

Pros And Cons of the Best Buy Affiliate Program


  • Strong recognition: There are a lot of companies specialising in retailing electronics but Buy Best found a way to out themself in the leading race.
  • Trusted tech services: Geek squad can do a lot when it comes to installations and other tech services. It is a bonus in the part of the affiliate program since you won’t promote products alone.


  • No commission is paid on the essential products listed in the article.
  • The 24 hours cookie duration is short. 
  • Very short 1% commission rate is tagged to all product. 
  • Affiliate have to wait for 60 days for their commission to be paid.  

Alternatives Of Best Buy Affiliate Program

The list of alternatives to Best Buy affiliate program is very long. However, you can check out our other reviews about most of the e-commerce stores affiliate program you can promote Electronics

Anyways, here is a list you can try out, with higher commission rate:

Wrapping Up

Since you are planning to promote electronics products, Best Buy affiliate program is a great option you can try. I wouldn’t want to recommend it since I have come across the likes of Overstock affiliate program which I termed better. 

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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