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Adidas Affiliate Program Review: How to Make $1000 Monthly

Today’s, we would approach Adidas affiliate program. 

It’s not your usual fashion affiliate program review, so I wish you’d be moved to read the article to the end. 

Moreover, this is more peculiar, because Adidas is a sportswear brand. 

The history of this brand is long enough to acknowledge them. 

And as a football lover, we can’t just stop to talk about their partnership with top sport organization such as Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. 

Let’s start from that bothersome question first. 

Does Adidas Have an Affiliate Program

Does Adidas affiliate program

Of course, Adidas does have an affiliate program. 

So, if you are just seeing this for the first time, do well to continue reading. 

In their affiliate program,  affiliates earn from promoting Adidas products to their audience.  

Adidas Affiliate Program: How it Works

The Adidas affiliate program is primarily hosted on impact. 

It is one of the best fashion affiliate programs available for bloggers, YouTubers and Media Buyers.

So, if you have a clothing, apparels, sneakers or shoes enthusiast audience who are brands of athletic wear, you can sign up. 

The affiliate program has a good commission rate of about 7% per sale while the cookie tracking duration is about 30 days. 

Lemme tell you a secret here…

Adidas uses their affiliate program to harness a lot of loyal customers, while giving you a chance to make money off their products. 

So, the more you promote their products, get them moree sales, the more you are appreciated with commission too. 

Similarly, if you are one person that likes to verify the landing pages of affiliate programs before verifying, boom! Adidas has an affiliate page for you to find out what is in the program for you. 

In addition, there are several affiliate networks hosting Adidas affiliate program… Vigilink, Impact, Flex Offers and Acceleration partners. 

The most preferable is Impact radius if you want to be a member of Amazon affiliate program US. 

And they provide all the promotional materials you will be needing for your promotion too. 

What are the Products You can Promote in the Adidas Affiliate Program?

Adidas affiliate program

Adidas is a brand that creates several styles of athletic wear including jerseys, fitness gears, snickers, shoes, shorts etc. 

So, you get to earn commission from virtually all their products except from their golf products such as:

  • Adidas Golf equipment
  • Adidas Golf clothing
  • Adidas Golf balls
  • Adidas Golf accessories
  • Adidas Golf footwear
  • Adizero golf shoes
  • Adidas golf apparel

Many sources online may not have listed these ineligible products. However, you earn 0% commission on any sales made from them.

Just for a quick recap, you are promoting unending sportswear in crazy styles.

Even so, there are normal fashion apparels for men, women and kids of all sorts. 

Adidas Affiliate Program Sign up 

You can sign up via any of the networks where the affiliate program is available. However, I think impact is the best. 

Impact is not offering the highest commission of all, but the cookie duration and the payment structure says it all. 

In fact, acceleration partners which offers the higest commission in every sale will eventually redirect you to impact if you want to sign up. 

First of all, you need to be a member of Impact before you can join the affiliate program. If you are not one, go to and fill the form.

Afterwards, you can visit the <URL> to complete your sign up. 

Meanwhile, You will be tendering your website when signing up. And it is very important to make sure it is fully optimised for Adidas affiliate program. 

If your website is filled with inane words or adult content, it would not be approved. 

Anyways, after your application, you would surely receive an email within 24-48 hours about your approval or disapproval. 

Adidas Affiliate Program commission rate: Affiliate can earn up to 7% commission per verified sale.

This commission rate is actually for impact radius. 

If you are signing up via Vigilink, the commission per sale varies, but usually less than 5%. Pathetic, right? 

All the same, the commission rate is still lower compared to that offered by Nike in their affiliate program.

Adidas Affiliate Program Cookie Duration: 30 days is the cookie tracking duration. 

Then the commission rate might vary for different hosts but the cookie duration is still the same 30 days. 

Fortunately, It is the standard cookie duration and even the same with Nike’s. 

Wait? You don’t know what cookie duration means?

It refers to how long your referrals are being tracked after clicking your affiliate link. 

Once referrals clicks on your affiliate link,  all their activities on Adidas website will be tracked. 

If they should make a purchase within 30 days, it would be detected and attributed to you. Hence you earn your commission. 

Else, any purchase made by your referrals after 30 days will no longer be attributed to you because your referrals are no longer tracked.  

Is this understood? If not, please do well to check one of our earliest affiliate program reviews which has everything you need to know about how cookie duration works

Now into the rosy part! 

How To Make Money With Adidas Affiliate Program 

In affiliate marketing, having a website is a prerequisite for success. 

If you can drive traffic to your website, then you can make money from any affiliate program. 

There are other methods to make money from Affiliate programs including video promotion on Youtube, TikTok and Instagram. 

The former, via a website, seems easier because you would have authority and autonomy over all your blog visitors compared to social media platforms. 

Let’s discuss all one by one:

1.   Via a blog

To make money from Adidas affiliate programs, you can start a blog around athletic wear and fashion. 

Once traffic starts to roll in, you can start writing buying intents blog post on your blog such as:

  • Adidas pro kit review 2022
  • Which Adidas hoodie has the royal design in August?
  • Why should you buy an Adidas fan shirt today?  

These are articles that will not only inform the reader but also prompt them to make a buying decision.  

2. Via a Youtube channel

Similarly, you can build a youtube channel around athletic wear and fashion.

Once thousands of views start to roll in, you can start posting buying intent videos on your youtube channel. 

3. Via Social Media

Another way you can build your blog is via social media. 

If you have a worthy audience around sports wear, it would be very easy to turn them to buyers. 

Especially if you are a Fitness coach, lifestyle influencer etc. 

Can You Make $1000 Monthly From Adidas Affiliate Program 

It’s actually very possible to make up to $1000 from Adidas affiliate program. 

Firstly, the brand Adidas is an already recognised brand, so it is easy to sell to people. 

Anything you tell most fashion enthusiasts about Adidas and Nike will mostly sink into their head. 

If you have good traffic from your blog or YouTube channel, promoting to interested individuals will be easier  because it is the Gigantic Sportswear Adidas company. 

Similarly, there are lots of products to pick from with different price tags. Some, priced very high and others very low. 

Your audience type will determine the kind of products you will be promoting.  

If you are promoting a product with a high price tag, you might need a smaller number of conversions to reach $1000, compared to other affiliates promoting products with lower price tag.

Well, the commission rate is a bit poor compared to others, when you have an enormous audience around athletic wear, you would be able to earn a reasonable amount from it. 

Pros And Cons of the Adidas Affiliate Program


  • Good cookie duration: The 30 days cookie is the standard cookie duration for most affiliate programs.
  • Brand visibility: Adidas is one brand you can not overlook when it comes to selling fashion products.
  • Product variety: You have a lot of products to promote. However, some highly priced products are very competitive to get sales for if you are just starting out.  


  • Low commission rate: If Nike can find a way to pull over 10% commission rate, Adidas should be able to do up to offer 10% too. 

Alternatives Of Adidas Affiliate Program

Yet, I’m still satisfied with Adidas as a fashion, athletic wear and football affiliate program. 

However, a very good alternative to Adidas is   Nike affiliate program. Offering the same 30 days cookie duration, but 11% commission per sale. Although, there are setbacks too.   

Honestly, You should check the review for Nike affiliate program.  It contains information about how the program works. 

Another alternative is the Puma affiliate program

Puma is a brotherly company to Adidas and it’s growing rapidly too. You can read the  affiliate program review about Puma, here, too. 

Finally, I should touch on the Fabletics affiliate program. It’s worth being an alternative to Adidas affiliate program. 

It might not be as popular as the likes of Adidas but the fact that you can earn up to $20 commission per sale of every Fabletics athleisure wear speaks a lot. 

Do check the review of Fabletics affiliate program, here, since it has all the information you will need about how the program works.  

Wrapping Up

Adidas affiliate program is actually worth it. If you have an audience in the sport wear niche, it is actually worth trying. 

Would you like to try it out? Meanwhile, I would advise you to read about the review of Nike affiliate program on this same blog.  

Sodeeq Olaitan is a passionate blogger, and internet marketer.

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